Experience your true nature.

"Into the Mystic" is an Enlightenment Intensive retreat that is transpersonal to the core.

 “Into the Mystic” is a method of deep inward self-inquiry dedicated to helping you discover who you ultimately are through your own awakening. It is a modern answer to the question “where can I go to directly experience my true nature?”. As with our other workshops, its success arises as a result of vulnerable, real and authentic expression and connection. 

"Into the Mystic" Enlightenment Intensive

Rooted in the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen and combined with a modern dyad process of communication, it is a deceptively simple yet powerful process capable of producing deep spiritual awakening at the very core of your being. The experience we are reaching for is a transformative union of self and the Truth. It goes beyond the body, personality, problems and ideas about self and life. It is outside the realm of our sensing and thinking processes – yet it is real. It evolves consciousness at the core and reveals the inner splendour of the true self in ways that can only be known through direct conscious union with the Truth itself. 

“Into the Mystic” is intense and not for everyone. If you are ready to let go the safety of cherished beliefs and reach into reality in a deeper way then please contact us.


  •  4.5 day workshop March 21-25, 2018 (Location TBD)
  • Cost $997 + GST (if at Spirit Lodge); Price TBD if at different location depending on venue costs.

Contact us now to find out more information or to register: [email protected]