Guilt and Shame

Release Guilt and Shame

The value of “Karma” Clearing should not be under estimated. The sense of guilt or shame is a powerful inhibitor of success and of the enjoyment of success.

Releasing guilt and shame through clearing processes awakens a person to a world where it is natural for good things to come into their life and to enjoy them. 

Guilt and Shame Clearing Intensives

Deeper work around clearing guilt & shame is done in the format of an intensive (See section on Clearing Intensives).

When successful, this process is powerful. It frees an individual from deep guilt patterns and habits of denial and withholding in life. It demolishes victim states. It can change your “luck” and open up positive flows in a person's life in areas that were chronically stuck.

It helps the client find who they are and relax into it because there is no longer anything to hide or any sense of being the victim of someone or something. You can relax open more authentically in life because there is no longer any need to manage unconscious withholds, secrets and there is no longer a nagging fear of being found out or judged. For many this process will be one of the most profoundly liberating things they can do. 

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