Family counselling

Improving Family Gatherings

Moving away from the family of origin is a natural part of growing up. It creates a new set of boundaries and the space in which to individuate. This is especially important for anyone who grew up in a difficult family situation. But later when returning to family gatherings the same old negative patterns may be showing up and seem to undo any progress that has been made.

Facing these challenges can feel overwhelming and help is usually required. Life changing progress can be made by learning new tools and getting professional support and coaching. With support you can actively improve the family experience. With clients who take this step the overall quality of their life tends to improve. 

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It improves because they must let go victim patterns from childhood and come into a new level of adulthood and self responsibility. They become more able to access one of the most fundamental wellsprings of love and fulfillment in life, our family connections.

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